Dunaway offers a unique summer internship experience with a variety of activities and opportunities that result in learning both technical and professional skills as well as having a little bit of fun! We offer both focused and rotating internships, depending upon the intern’s tenure in school and desired area of focus. We offer internships within all our service lines of engineering (civil and structural), planning and landscape architecture, GIS, survey, and even administrative support areas such as Marketing and Human Resources.



We are currently finalizing our Spring 2018 Career Fair schedule.
Please check back soon for a complete list.


Now accepting resumes for Summer 2018.



  • Full-day Orientation and Intro to Dunaway
  • Various Professional Organization Events (Chapter Meetings, Luncheons and Presentations, After-Hours Events)
  • After-Hours Company/Employee Event – Burgers & Brews
  • Intern Group Site Visit – Fort Worth Zoo
  • Mid-Program Intern Happy Hour
  • Quarterly Company Meeting
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Charity Event – Stop Hunger Now
  • Intern Social and Happy Hour
  • Intern Close-out Dinner and Social


Many interns have received job offers upon graduation and now enjoy all the awesome benefits that come with being a full-time part of the Dunaway family. Here is what our most recent hires have to say about their experience.

Katie Lippe

Marketing Intern to Marketing Assistant (Texas Tech University)


The intern program was well executed and made for a summer of fun and learning. I was offered a position towards the end of my internship and transitioned with ease. Dunaway provides all necessary resources needed to succeed. Employees are more than willing to help and are a great reflection of the core values. Dunaway is the happiest place I have ever worked and allows for a healthy work-home balance.

Tanner Underwood, EIT

Public Sector Intern to Graduate Engineer (University of Texas at Arlington)


In such a welcoming environment, I never felt afraid to ask questions and employees around me were willing to help me grow. It was evident the people of Dunaway took their Core Values seriously and strove to meet that standard, which really piqued my interest. Midway through my last semester, I received an offer to join Dunaway after graduation, which was very exciting since I already knew I wanted to work here. The best part was that I already knew everyone.

Eric Woolsey

Environmental Intern to Environmental Scientist (Texas A&M)


As a summer intern, I was given the opportunity to see what a career would be like in environmental science. I was offered many learning opportunities, the ability to work with extraordinary coworkers, and exposure to clients facing a variety of environmental challenges. Upon the conclusion of my internship, I was offered a position at Dunaway and could not be more ecstatic to begin my career at a company with honor and respect for its employees and clients alike.

M. Jazmin Venegas

Public Sector Intern to Graduate Engineer (University of Texas at Arlington)


I absolutely loved the culture at Dunaway and how the employees are steered by the company’s core values.  I was not just a number; everyone cared about my professional development and I have learned so much from my coworkers. I felt part of the team from day one and I knew I wanted to be part of the Dunaway family. I was thrilled when I received an offer two months into my internship and immediately took the offer. My internship was the perfect way to start my engineering career.


Grant Decker (Texas A&M) – Dunaway would be a place I would want to start my career because of the strong company culture as well as the strong sense of professionalism. Everyone I worked alongside during the internship was very competent in their work and were gladly willing to lend me a hand in learning new material.

Klarissa Lou (University of Texas) – One of the things that attracted me to Dunaway was the fact that this company has rotations for interns. After working here this summer in various sectors, I gained an appreciation for the various aspects of civil engineering and learned a lot in each rotation. However, despite having such a wide reach in its services and expertise, Dunaway is still a fairly small company, which leads to a close knit company culture in which you know most of your co-workers. I feel like I would thrive in this company culture.

Conor Stuart (Texas A&M) – I had a great experience in the internship and I have learned invaluable skills. I want to thank Dunaway for the opportunity and for the experience. I really like the DunaWell initiative y’all have going. It is a great thing and more companies should encourage healthy employees.

Collin Sprang (Texas Tech) – I feel at home in this culture. Above the engineering aspect of finding where I want to be in my life, I wanted to be in a company where every person is treated as part of the family. I am shocked at how great the culture at Dunaway is. What are the odds of finding a company like this so soon in life?

Kourtney Gonzalez (Texas A&M) – Dunaway definitely has created a great work atmosphere that allows you to make great relationships with people in and out of the office, be integrated with people in other departments on projects, and is based on a culture of great core values. I have already learned so much in the short time I have been here and I can see myself growing technically and professionally.